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Even things as old as the Earth or the mountains are still evolving, and not just in terms of their geophysical features: the ways to experience, explore and tackle them are changing too. They are changing in line with technology and in accordance with the seasons. Due to new sports, increasingly sophisticated technical equipment and innovative technical approaches, we are now able to tackle rock faces, summits, pistes, glaciers, cliffs and trails covered with snow or baked in sunshine, under any conditions and in ways that until recently would have been unimaginable.
The second Bruneck Alpstation is dedicated to new mountain routes, featuring the best technical equipment for any fans of all levels.
The cornerstone of our success is our staff. They are technically trained and up-to-date with the latest innovations, meaning they can meet even the most specific needs. They can demonstrate or provide advice on any state-of-the-art products for winter sports (Alpine skiing, ski mountaineering, ice climbing, etc.) or for any special activities that are also carried out during the milder seasons, such as mountain and sport climbing.
It’s not just aimed at the Alps: given that seasons vary depending on different continents, you’ll also find the very best equipment for high altitudes, expeditions and much more.


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