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ALPSTATION CUNEO by Ravaschietto Sport

The historic shop Ravaschietto Sport in Cuneo, run with passion and dedication from family Ravaschietto Ferrero, becomes Alpstation Cuneo by Ravaschietto. Always it's been a reference point for the outdoors, skiing, mountaineering and climbing, has now became a place renovated to Montura philosophy, the center of interest and cultural relations in an environment, that is Cuneo, deeply tied to the mountain.
Inside the new store furnished with great care, ample space is dedicated to the material and the equipment necessary to all outdoor activities, from hiking to Himalayan expeditions, with laboratory for repairing and assembling ski, with services of ice screws sharpening and resoling boots/shoes.
The personnel, qualified and passionate, offers to all customers and friends a consolidated technical advice, gained through years of experience in the store and in the mountains. You can pick up great tips for those in search of mountain guides or some special place to refresh after a day in the mountains.



Alpstation Cuneo c/o Ravaschietto Sport

Via Cascina Colombaro, 35
12100 Cuneo (CN) Italy

Tel. +39 0171 692081




Wednesday - Friday and
Sunday closed