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There’s no fooling around when it comes to the mountains here! The large or small heights are the backbone of Japan and the authentic manifestation of the Gods on Earth, according to Shinto-Buddhist tradition. A natural element that is so present in the country’s geography and lifestyle is not something to be taken lightly, not even when it comes to gearing up for a relaxing outing. The people of Tokyo who enjoy hiking, climbing and trail running have a sure-fire place to go to: the Montura Store Harajuku. The choice of location is not accidental: all of the “street” styles and trends of Japan’s younger generation have taken form in this district for decades and they often become real cultural models seen in fashion, film and cartoons. At the crossroads between the extreme modernity and splendid landscapes of a futuristic city, Montura proposes its finest technical apparel and much more to satisfy the demands of both extreme athletes and those who simply enjoy the outdoors when they have some time on their hands. The quality and comfort that made the Montura brand famous is guaranteed.

Montura Store FC Tokyo

1 Chome 8-6, Nakazato, Kita-ku

Tel. +81 3-5842-1650

Monday - Sunday