Important publication for all lovers and scholars from a now disappeared Tibet, accompanied by a photographic apparatus of considerable value, the book fills an editorial gap and gives justice on the "foundations" of the famous Cronaca della spedizione italiana nel Tibet occidentale, published by the Reale Accademia d’Italia in 1934, signed by Ghersi and his head of mission, the great Italian orientalist Giuseppe Tucci. The text was in fact re-released in 2006 by Neri Pozza publisher with unreasonable choices, beginning with the title - Dei, demoni e oracoli. La leggendaria spedizione in Tibet del 1933 - up to the decision to remove the names of Ghersi as co-author, his memory in the introduction and omitting illustrations and map, to conclude with a questionable introductory essay, far from the spirit and teaching of Tucci .

     This new editorial version, with photos of large format, a curatorship by many hands, gives a comparative reading of the unpublished diary of Captain Ghersi with the official text of scholar Tucci, commented with great competence by anthropologist David Bellattalla, offering the reader a direct testimony of great documentary value.

     As recalled by Oscar Nalesini - responsible Archives IsIAO (Italian Institute for Africa and the East) - in the preface: "Written for disseminating the results of an expedition for months through difficult terrain like few others, with the objective of discover and document the remains of a civilization, the Tibetan, then virtually unknown to Western scholars, this book is also today an essential text for anyone who wants to understand the work of Tucci.

TITLE: Eugenio Ghersi. On the plateau of ego thin. Unpublished diary of the Italian scientific expedition in western Tibet in 1933
TEXTS: Eugenio Ghersi, Giuseppe Tucci, David Bellatalla, Oscar Nalesini
PHOTO: Archive Ghersi, Archive IsIAO
CURATORS: Leana Moretti and Giuseppe Bosio
PUBLISHER: Montura Editing