Bruno Brunod

Bruno Brunod

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10 novembre 1962

Bruno Brunod (born 10 November 1962 in Aosta) is an Italian athlete, a bicyclist who began running late, when he was in his thirties. He is twice world champion of the Skyrunner World Series and holds numerous speed records for climbing and descending some of the highest mountains in the world, like the Matterhorn in 1995, broken only in 2013 by a professional 25 years younger than him, Kílian Jornet Burgada. As of 2016 his speed records for the Monte Rosa in 1997, the Aconcagua in Argentina in 2000, and the Kilimanjaro in 2001 remain unbroken. Brunod produces results like a professional athlete, but has retained the spirit and humility of an amateur, for which he is widely admired especially amongst fellow mountain runners.