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Growing up at the foot of Monte Rosa, Gressoney is the place that made me fall in love with the mountains, able to give daily emotions with its ever changing colors and propose new personal challenges. Downhill skier and soccer player when I was a child, only "adult" I was lucky enough to understand what were my real passions, thanks to two bets. The first in my early twenties, when - to challenge with a local mountain guide and a friend - I decided to enroll in the Trofeo Mezzalama having put the ski with skins for the first time only a few months earlier. The second is about thirty years, when I enrolled at the Tor des Geants so I had to get closer to the world of long-distance races. Since then, in my spare time from the engineering profession and from to be a dad, I feel immense happiness to go up and down the mountains in winter and summer with skins or with gym shoes. I enjoy immensely doing skialp and trail races, but which I could never give up is the sense of balance and serenity I feel when I am just to breathe the air of my beloved Alps.

Tor des Geants 2014 (winner)

Valle di Rezzalo Skialp 2015 (winner)

Folgaskirace 2015 (winner)

Monterosa Skialp 2015 (winner)

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Franco Collé Tor des Geants 2014


Franco Collé Folgaskirace 2015