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On Wednesday 6 August, after a few months of testing, the new Montura website will open to the general public.
The website will be home to both information and experimentation. In his introduction to it, Roberto Mantovani could hardly have put it better when he explained that it offers visitors an itinerary “that’s just been discovered and is just waiting to be explored”.
The hallmark of the company’s philosophy, aptly summed up in the slogan - SEARCHING A NEW WAY – has always been a cultural approach to research and discovery, shaped by the people and partners that over the years have formed part of the Montura World, a universe made up of widely acknowledged content and values in which exploration, art, geography and a culture of commitment to society are at the forefront, on the front line of research.
From the TrentoFilmFestival to the Suoni delle Dolomiti music festival, as well as the Tor Des Géants and the Pierra Menta races, the Venice Festival and the cultural venues on the outskirts, without neglecting new routes in the mountains, the Andes in Patagonia and the exploration of the sky-high peaks of the Himalayas: all of these marvellous worlds will be brought together by the new Montura website, a mosaic of people and disciplines whose original approach is evident for all to see.
Start following us, and don’t let us out of your sight
This is only the beginning.
And it’ll be uphill all the way, with plenty of surprises, challenges, problems to overcome and solutions to come up with along the route: this is our bread and butter.
This is food for our minds.

Redazione MONTURA.IT - 02 agosto 2014