27th April - 5th May 2019 | Trento

Mountains and Culture

Image Trento Film Festival

Also this year the profound collaboration between the Festival and Montura is renewed. New books and films will be premiered, conferences with testimonials and exhibitions: the presence of Montura at the Festival will be very concrete, to contribute to the full success of the event, which represents the best showcase to show the company's commitment towards the world of culture, youth and protection of the territory to a careful and competent public.
"Rolly" by Pietro Bagnara will compete among the films supported by Montura. It is dedicated to Rolando Larcher, one of the most important athletes and testimonials related to the brand. The works that talk about the life and sporting achievements of two other legends related to Montura, Hans Kammerlander and Adam Ondra will also be shown. In the special section of the Festival dedicated to the screening of films supported by Montura, on 4th May there will be the premiere of "Ani, the nuns of Yaquen Gar" by Eloise Barbieri, shot in Tibet, and of "Keno City, Yukon" by Paola Rosà and Antonio Senter, filmed in winter in the snow-covered lands of Canada. The teaser of "Cholitas", a cinematographic project still in process of creation by director Jorge Murciego and Arena Comunicacion of Pamplona ​​and already awarded internationally, will be just three minutes, but of great intensity and substance. The final version of the film will probably be presented at the next edition of the festival. Montura wanted to dedicate the his project to the fback cover of the official catalog of the festival, to demonstrate once again the desire of "searching a new way" and to always look ahead, even in the world of cinema.

As for the books, Montura Editing will present a delicate portrait of the "Collina di Lorenzo", an educational and environmental project commissioned by Fausto De Stefani (which will also be accompanied by the theatrical show "A journey as long as a fairy tale" on May 2nd) and an extraordinary work of the anthropologist David Bellatalla dedicated to shamanism, which collects decades of research from South America to Asia (May 4th). Between these two dates, the valuable book edited by Alessandro Gogna and Marco Furlani, dedicated to climbing in the Sarca and Laghi Valleys will be presented. Other Montura testimonials will hold lectures on the subject of exploring the deserts (Max Calderan at the MUSE, April 29th), disability and the mountains (Simone Salvagnin and Urko Carmona at Sosat on May 1st) and great travels by bicycle, after North America this time dedicated to Pamir (Alessandro De Bertolini at the Filarmonica, 5th May).

For Montura, the partnership with Trento Filmfestival does not mean simply adding a logo on promotional materials, but developing and sharing programs and direct proposal of editorial and cinematographic novelties produced or supported by its own creative laboratory called “Montura Editing ”. Being "main sponsor" therefore means sharing the philosophy that drives the Filmfestival and contributing to affirming that spirit of continuous research that is the basis of the success of the event, in Italy and in the world. It also means recognizing oneself in the values ​​of an institution that lives all year long and that pursues high social value goals.
At Montura stand - MontagnaLibri, the passionates can view the editorial activity and receive information on the published works or on the various initiatives supported, like the solidarity projects, including the "Rarahil memorial school", in Nepal and "Una Ger per tutti", in Mongolia. This year the "Spazio Montura" will host for the entire duration of the Festival the photographic exhibition "Grokch, Himalayan Oracles" by Emanuele Confortin, which will be inaugurated on the first day of the Festival. Last but not least, a corner dedicated to the "Cammino naturale dei Parchi", a new 430-kilometer itinerary connecting Rome and L'Aquila, crossing 7 protected areas and trying to help the development of marginal and earthquake areas in Central Italy. The route will be officially presented in MontagnaLibri on April 28th.