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Dedicated to alpinists, climbers, skiers, technicians and professionals of the mountain and work, but also to lovers of sports and outdoor activities, travelers, and those who simply want to feel at ease free time. The shop with the philosophy and guidelines of the Montura's brand, stands in attentive looking for items, equipment, footwear and materials of the best brands, which can combine in an innovative technical reliability and aesthetic research, without neglecting the quality/price.
The passion for quality products and the attention to customer needs, are complemented by an environment and atmosphere warm and welcoming, and the competence and professionalism of staff.
The Alpstation offer is more complete thanks to the presence, in the same structure, of a communication room dedicated events, with free admission, which involve mountaineers, sports professionals, travelers, writers, historians, anthropologists.



Alpstation Bassano

Via Capitelvecchio, 4
36061 Bassano del Grappa (VI) Italy

Tel. +39 0424 525937

Fax +39 0424 1900260


Tuesday - Saturday and
Sunday closed

Orari festivi

02/12/18 10:00–12:30 15:00–19:00
08/12/18 10:00–12:30 15:00–19:00
09/12/18 10:00–12:30 15:00–19:00
16/12/18 10:00–12:30 15:00–19:00
23/12/18 10:00–12:30 15:00–19:00
24/12/18 09:00–12:30 15:00–19:30
25/12/18 Chiuso
26/12/18 Chiuso
30/12/18 10:00–12:30 15:00–19:00
31/12/18 09:00–12:30 15:00–18:00
01/01/19 Chiuso
06/01/19 10:00–12:30 15:00–19:00