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Montura Osaka

How could there not be a Montura store in a country which is almost entirely formed of mountains and where the most famous peak, the permanently snow-capped Mount Fuji, is considered sacred? It’s a feeling that Montura shares for all mountains with Shinto or Buddhist traditions and with the prominent place they ensure Nature in human life so individuals can always be in harmony with the world. A majestic and mysterious spirit of the Divine and of Creation survives at the highest altitudes on Earth.
This large store in Osaka is dedicated to men and women who are not afraid of climbing higher, literally and spiritually, and who wish to try their hand at these and many other wild, unspoilt, pure landscapes.
In the heart of Shinsaibashi, the city’s main shopping district, you’ll find a space defined by modern and rational lines, containing everything you’ll need for outdoor activities, from simple excursions to more challenging and extreme expeditions, including journeys of exploration and discovery. From ski mountaineering, canyoning, trekking, running and trail running, you can find all the sturdiest, safest and most high-performance answers to your footwear and equipment needs, featuring the best brands in the world. Of course, you will also find the entire range of Montura technical apparel.


Montura Osaka

3-1-8 Minamisemba
Chuo-ku Osaka Japan

Tel. +81 6 6484 7126

Fax +39 0341 451479


Tuesday closed
Wednesday - Sunday