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You cannot help but notice this store and it’s clear to see which natural environment has served as its inspiration. The Montura Shop Seoul is a real “mountain”, interpreted in highly modern architectural lines, located in the western gu (district) of Eunpyeong. It is made from real stone, while the purest transparent glass is transformed into ice. It’s a glimpse of the magnificent natural mountain parks of Korea transported into the capital, although it is already in sight of the first peaks.
Over the store’s three floors, each specially designed to provide a modern recreation of the caves, ravines and rock faces of the mountainous landscape, you’ll find Montura clothing ranges for mountaineering, sport climbing, trekking, ski mountaineering or just to wear in your free time and during other outdoor activities.
The displays alternate with various rest areas so you can sit down and chat or flick through one of the many magazines available on outdoor activities. In a nutshell, it’s a glimpse of life and the many activities in the mountains, all found at the heart of a country that is dotted with breathtaking wild peaks: a metropolitan Eden to discover and really enjoy for anyone who shares Montura’s philosophy and its desire to explore, dare and put oneself to the test.


Montura Shop Seoul

Eunpyeong-gu 122-200
278-7 Jingwan-dong Seoul South Korea

Tel. +82 (0)2 3520836

Fax +82 (0)2 3520838