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Only a 10 minute walk from the airport in the district of ShongShan, you reach the Montura Store Taipei: one hundred square metres of display space for you to look around, discover and pave the way to finding the right technical apparel from among Montura’s collections for mountaineering, sport climbing, trekking, ski mountaineering or just to wear in your free time and during other outdoor activities, featuring all the latest products season after season. It’s a small “temple” for anyone who loves sport and adventure located in the heart of a city full of many other wonderful temples on a lush island of forests, mountains and breathtaking landscapes for you to explore and experience in full.
This is something that might be helped by the right equipment: safe, sturdy and comfortable at any time of the year.

Montura Store Taipei

No.179, Sec. 3, Minquan E. Rd.
Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105 (Taiwan) Taiwan

Tel. +886-27185878