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Montura Corner Bologna is located inside Bologna’s new retail outlet for Emilia-based Nuovi Orizzonti, the famous Italian clothing brand loved by fans of the outdoors and so many more.

Thirty years of experience, passion and a full assortment of garments are the factors that brought about this new metropolitan store that will satisfy the demands of people who are just becoming interested in outdoor sports and mountaineering as well as those with plenty of experience whose needs might be more specific and technical. The store’s philosophy is to supply service at 360°. Consultation and support is always provided for all kinds of sports – from the Sunday hike to expeditions in faraway lands; from a walk in your snowshoes to every kind of skiing activity out there. And then there is trail running, Nordic walking and mountaineering.

Nuovi Orizzonti is also a place to cultivate your knowledge of the mountains and travel in general. There is a broad assortment of books at the disposal of guests including those published by Montura Editing. Furthermore special daytime and evening events and encounters will be scheduled periodically for people to test materials or attend courses on mountain culture and main safety issues.

Nuovi Orizzonti Srl

Via de Caracci 95
40131 Bologna (BO) Italy

Tel. 051 6345828


Monday - Saturday and
Sunday closed