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The new Corner dedicated to clothing Montura is located inside the store Tecnosci Sport, for more than thirty years well known in the square of Trento, specialists in skiing, ski mountaineering, mountain/outdoor, running, trail running and tennis.

Particular attention is paid to customers by technically qualified personnel, practicing sports disciplines treated in the store.

In MONTURA Corner there is a particularly large selection of our products, garments for mountain lovers and outdoor activities.

In a place where everything speaks of professionalism and passion for the sport and the mountain can not miss the follow services: the repairing ski-equipped laboratory, the laboratory of personalization and customization ski boots, the resoling of climbing shoes and mountaineering boots, the stringing for tennis rackets.

Not miss a selection of books published by MONTURA EDITING.

Montura Corner Trento c/o Tecnosci Sport

via Enrico Fermi 13/2
Trento (TN) Italy

Tel. +39 0461 914067

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Sunday closed


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