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On the 9th July 2016 in the magnificent valley of “Valle di Cogne”, where the “Gran Paradiso” is the back ground scenery, the new Montura Store Cogne by Petit Paradis has opened in Viale Cavagnet 33-C.

It's a new showcase for Montura, a new shop dedicated exclusively to urban clothing, in order to give the chance to clients, who aren't necessarily “sporty”, to wear Montura clothing with value for money.

There aren't only clothes though. In the store you'll also find a Montura book section where you can find various books about mountain culture and about the landscape beauties of the valley: in addition to many specialised guides of the “Valle d'Aosta” and the National Park of the “Gran Paradiso” there are different books on the “Forte di Bard”.

To greet you at the shop you'll find Dina and Alessandro, who will be able to suggest the best product for what you need.

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Montura Store Cogne

Viale Cavagnet 33-C
11012 Cogne (AO) Italy

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