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This store features an open space entirely dedicated to the mountains and their activities and culture, or rather the two combined: here at Alpstation Schio, images and written words live alongside the apparel and technical equipment needed to tackle any expeditions, climbs, ski mountaineering days or simple outdoor excursions.
Since 2012, this authentic open space has been an emporium dedicated to physical activities, mountain jobs and sports (sport climbing, mountaineering, ice climbing, ski mountaineering, bouldering, trekking and running), while also serving as a venue for photographic exhibitions and a specialist bookshop, organised and brought to life by Alberto Peruffo, an historical bookseller and mountaineer. You can flick through and choose novels, essays and photo books on specific subjects, locations, stories and authors in keeping with the spirit of Montura: travel, expeditions, climbs, adventures, nature and traditions of life at high-altitude at every latitude.
It’s not just aimed at adults: in the Schio store you’ll find a Kids Room featuring apparel for budding athletes and restless youngsters, but there’s also space to play and have fun with wooden toys and ergonomic games, while parents can prepare for their next excursion.
The store’s decor has a refined geometric style, with wooden fittings and “souvenirs” from the most extreme and exciting regions in the world. Its warm tones speak of a distant and curious wanderlust to discover Mankind and the Earth. There is also a raised area with a well-equipped workshop for the repair and fine tuning of downhill and mountaineering skis.
With its large outdoor and interior space, this Alpstation can host events, meetings with athletes and Montura endorsed events, as well as cultural and musical initiatives.




Montura Store Schio

Via Lazio, 1
36015 Schio (VI) Italy

Tel. +39 0445 030031

Fax +39 0445 1884060


Tuesday - Friday and
Sunday closed