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Words, Images, Tracks with Flavio Faoro, Francesco Vascellari, Loris De Barba and Enrico Grotto

Friday, March 20, at 19.00, start again the great cultural events at Alpstation Schio. We discuss the Dolomites with some of the protagonists of recent seasons: Flavio Faoro (artistic director of Oltre le Vette), Francesco Vascellari (publisher of ViviDolomiti and cross country skier), Loris De Barba (photographer and cross country skier) and Enrico Grotto (photographer).

In the cultural landscape of the Dolomites old and new voices tell the intersecting paths, stories, landscapes of the most beautiful mountains in the world, in which writers, mountaineers, skiers, photographers and publishers build the imagery to be delivered to future generations. From the new book by the artistic director of Oltre le vettte, to the paths of a young publisher and a great photographer skier, with the inauguration of the exhibition ATTIMI - PALE SAN MARTINO. Aperitif closing.

On this occasion we will present recent publications of the authors reported on the side and it will open a photo exhibition on the Pale di San Martino by Enrico Grotto.

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