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At the Alpstation Arco the singular exhibition hosted at the Trento Film Festival 2015

LEGATI MA LIBERI, exhibition of singular value concept proposed by the artists Francesca Libardoni and Silvia Turri, edited by Giulia Moiraghi, after the first in Trento FIlm Festival 2015, transit and stationed at the articulated spaces of the new Alpstation Arco, that with the occasion celebrates its first year of work. The exhibition will be visible to the public during the opening hours of the store until October 30. The months of July and August will be dedicated to the works of Silvia Turri, September and October the works of Francesca Libardoni.

It follows the introduction by Giulia Moiraghi:

When talking about adventure at high altitude, it seems that only a snapshot, stolen in border-line conditions, can take account of the crucial moment that separates what can be narrated in the future from what will be swallowed up by the silence of the mountain. In effect we are used to considering above all photographic images as reliable supplements for accounts of a journey. However, it is undeniable that in many cases the impartial eye of the camera is not capable of restoring the distortion of space and landscape resulting from the perception of reality in extreme situations and through altered information by the sensorial organs.

This paradoxical observation is precisely the starting point for the exhibition “Roped but free”, in which Francesca Libardoni and Silvia Turri accept the challenge of tackling the words of leading figures in the mountains, transforming some of their travel memories into an experience that can rediscover the immediacy and complexity of live action. The two young artists from Trentino, who already have several group and solo shows behind them, interpret the largely unpublished testimony of well-known climbers, who are genuine legends in the mountains, but also of lesser known climbers and representatives of different and recent disciplines, such as base jumping and slacklining. They do so using heterogeneous styles and approaches that share the assumption of avoiding the obvious route of faithful mimetic representation, to project themselves courageously towards a narrow and bumpy route, proceeding in an analogical way. The works are no longer captions for the feat in itself, but rather seek to produce an analogue, in terms of experience, reflecting the all-enveloping adventure of the mountains.

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