by Alessandro Tamanini with Fausto De Stefani


Beyond the clouds, because needs can be harboured even further up. In Nepal, for example. A land that Fausto De Stefani – one of Italy’s most famous mountaineers – believes has given him so much, in terms both of gratification as a sportsman and of personal and spiritual advancement. And now that he’s turned fifty, he’s decided to give something back. The people that live on the slopes of the Sacred Mountains have a multitude of needs, but he has opted for education and training, which lie at the base of any society and are essential for any prospects of development.

"Sharing a solidarity project strengthens the bond between people and brings them closer together". When you hear someone speak with the energy and enthusiasm of Fausto De Stefani it matters little whether you’ve actually ever seen or met the people and the situations he describes. Fausto talks about mountains, nature, schools, teachers and children, about poverty and solitude, about culture and hope. He speaks about a practical, constant commitment invested over the years, about his trips to Nepal, about the price of iron and cement, about the fatigue and the never-ending passion that drives his desire to work in order to help those kids and train them to handle life and work.

This documentary film by Alessandro Tamanini illustrates the stages in which the Rarahil Memorial School was built in Kirtipur, in the Kathmandu Valley, thanks, above all, to the tenacity and iron will demonstrated by Fausto. There beyond the clouds, the non-profit institution today welcomes over seven hundred and fifty young people aged between 3 and 18. Some of them attend free of charge, thanks to a long-distance adoption programme organised in collaboration with Elio Mutti of the non-profit entity Fondazione Senza Frontiere headed by Anselmo Castelli, and to all those people who believed in Fausto’s dream.

DIRECTED BY: Alessandro Tamanini
IN COLLABORATION WITH: Elio Mutti, Roberto Giordani, Ricardo Tivegna, Daniela Vivori, Luciano Rocchetti, Roberto Bonbarda, Carlo Alberto Pinelli, Danny Zampiccoli, Paolo Calzà, Anselmo Castelli, Beppe Begni and Cristiano Corghi

Montura Editing published BEYOND THE CLOUDS to support Fausto de Stefani and the Rarahil Memorial School project