Ani, the Nuns of Yaqen Gar

by Eloïse Barbieri


In the mid ‘80s, Achu Lama, a Buddhist monk, went to meditate on a sacred highland in Tibet. Gradually pilgrims, monks and nuns joined him, who would go on to found Yaqen, a boundless shanty town that is today home to around 30,000 monks, two-thirds of whom are women. This is a “Buddhist citadel” that the Chinese government has tried to raze to the ground several times.

The women’s wing is a village of shacks where the nuns live, without care for their disastrous living conditions. They are women who are united by their spiritual quest and desire for liberation, many of whom are Han Chinese.

Direction: Eoïse Barbieri

Year: 2019

Screenplay, photography, filming and text: Eloïse Barbieri

Music: Matteo Cremolini

Editing: Francesco Adolini

Colour Correction:

Production: Eloïse Barbieri and SD Cinematografica

Duration: 54 mins