The chronicle of a unique expedition

Image Cholita
Image Cholitas
Image Cholita
Image Montura shoes for the Cholitas
Image Trekking to first base camp
Image Life in the base camp
Image Arrival of equipment

This is the chronicle of a unique expedition in the world: its goal is to climb the highest mountain in America, the Aconcagua peak. The surprising component is that the expedition is formed by six indigenous Bolivian women: their adventure will show the world a different and inspiring way of being a woman, of living tradition, and of relating to Mother Nature. 

Our central characters will accompany us on an inner journey of: human dignity, the value of being a woman and the importance of keeping tradition alive. As these “Cholitas” approach the summit of Aconcagua, the spectator will approach his inner self.

Production: Arena Comunicacion Audiovisual – Pamplona (E)

Direction: Jaime Murciego