Finale '68. Di pietre e pionieri, di macchia e altipiani.

by Gabriele Canu with Lorenzo Fanni and Michele Fanni


Fifty years after the opening of the first climbing route on Pietra del Finale, two brothers and ardent mountain enthusiasts decide to set out on an adventure, retracing the tracks of the pioneers who first began the story of climbing in this place. The result is a journey into the wild in search of memories, stories, tracks and discoveries. A vertical wandering to explore the heights and conquer the thirteen main faces of the Finale massif, but at the same time an encounter and comparison with the protagonists of days gone by, witnesses of an era that will never be repeated.

Gabriele Canu (born in Savona, 1981)
Filmmaker and climber, Gabriele has always had a passion for the mountains, nature and the outdoors. He has climbed more than 600 routes all over the Alps, some 40 of which were  first ascents.

Director: Gabriele Canu

Producer: Montura Editing

Country: Italy

Year: 2018

Lenght: 66'