by Paola Rosà and Antonio Senter

Image Keno City, Yukon

Keno City, Yukon. In northwestern Canada, the tiny long-standing mining village that is hidden amidst the mountains, where less than 10 people can be found in the winter, is the centre of a renewed attack on resources: as with the Arctic and other areas of the Great North, Keno City is also the hub of exploration and financial speculation by mining multinationals. It is a peaceful town of humble homes that does not seem destined to survive.

For three months in the winter, Paola Rosà and Antonio Senter experienced the day-to-day life of the town, living without running water, yet with access to the internet, attempting to glean from the residents of Keno City its present potential and future prospects, amidst myths to be reconsidered and convictions to be return to.

Direction: Paola Rosà and Antonio Senter

Year: 2019

Photography: Antonio Senter

Music: Scott Duchanan

Editing: Paola Rosà

Production: RosàSenter with the support of Montura

Duration: 40 mins


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