by Andrea Segre


The first snow is the snow everyone waits for in the valley. It transforms colours, shapes, outlines; it buries fences and barriers beneath it. Despite the temperature, the snow warms the heart and opens up unexpected opportunities for communication.

Dani has never seen the snow: he was born in Togo and arrived in Italy after fleeing from the war in Libya. He is staying in a shelter home in Pergine, a village in Trentino at the mouth of the Val dei Mocheni. An isolated breach amid the mountains, coloured by larch, beech and fir trees, where there are still folk that remember and use an ancient Germanic language. He has a year-old daughter he is prevented from taking care of by a pain that runs deep.

Pietro, an elderly carpenter and bee-keeper from the valley, invites Dani to work for him in his workshop, in the mountain farmhouse he lives in with his daughter Elisa and grandson Michele. The boy’s father died recently, leaving a huge empty space in the life of his son, who gives vent to his distress through never-ending conflict with his mother, while he seeks support and friendship in his uncle Fabio.

It’s autumn: the blanket of white will spread across the landscape sooner or later, and there’s little time left to place the hives in a sheltered spot and collect the wood. During this uncertain interval, pain and silence will offer occasion for understanding, for knowledge. Just enough for the leaves and the trees to get ready for their transformation, and it is in these brief moments, amid these woodlands, that Dani and Michele will begin to learn, to listen to one another.

DIRECTED BY: Andrea Segre
SUBJECT AND SCREENPLAY: Marco Pettenello, Andrea Segre
CAST: Jean-Christophe Folly, Matteo Marchel, Anita Caprioli, Peter Mitterrutzner, Giuseppe Battiston, Paolo Pierobon, Leonardo Paoli, Lorenzo Pintarelli, Andrea Pennacchi, Roberto Citran
ORIGINAL MUSIC: Piccola Bottega Baltazar
PRODUCED BY: Francesco Bonsembiante and Marco Paolini for Jolefilm, with Rai Cinema
LENGTH: 105'
MADE WITH THE SUPPORT OF: Trentino Film Commission, Trentino Marketing Spa, Montura, Davide Orsoni, General Directorate for Cinema, Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities
AWARDS: Gran Premio Fiction, Audience Award, Annecy Cinéma Italien 2013