Where once there were fields, now there are warehouses. Where once there was earth, there’s concrete. The countryside that remains is simply a means of sustenance, perhaps a way to get rich. The North East of Italy (but it’s just an example, and it could just as well be any other area), where values and human relationships seem to have been steamrollered over in the name of money and rampant individualism that focuses solely on its own needs, provides the backdrop to the story of Lucia and Renata.

The two girls live in a little village in the provinces. Their only thought is how to make money so they can get away. They’re working as underpaid waitresses in a large hotel. Luisa (Maria Roveran) has an Albanian boyfriend, Bilal, whom she uses – without his knowledge – to put on erotic displays observed, as a paying spectator, by a man with whom Renata (Roberta Da Soller) is caught up in a relationship revolving around sex and extortion. Relations between the locals and the immigrants are tense, and Lucia and Bilal are aware of this. All of them are set to play a role and to be exploited in a perverse web of presumed or actual wrongs suffered and the vendetta that arises from them.

In this first, quality feature-length film by Alessandro Rossetto, following his long experience as a documentary maker, the grim tale of betrayed dreams, blackmail and shattered love stories paints a brutally clear picture of Italy as a country heading straight over a precipice, created by a cultural void that is eating away at those fundamental principles essential for any kind of civil coexistence.

DIRECTED BY: Alessandro Rossetto
SUBJECT: Caterina Serra, Alessandro Rossetto
SCREENPLAY: Caterina Serra, Alessandro Rossetto, Maurizio Braucci
CAST: Maria Roveran, Roberta Da Soller, Vladimir Doda, Diego Ribon, Mirko Artuso, Lucia Mascino, Mateo Çili, Nicoletta Maragno, Giulio Brogi
PRODUCED BY: Gianpaolo Smiraglia, Luigi Pepe, Arsenali Medicei, Jump Cut
LENGTH: 110'

Detour. Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Viaggio
Premio Padova incontra il Cinema (Alessandro Rossetto), Incontri del Cinema d'Essai
Premio Montatore dell'anno (Jacopo Quadri)
Premio al miglior film Festival Il Cinema italiano visto da Milano 2014
Premio al miglior film Monty Banks Festival Piazze di Cinema 2014
Premio del pubblico al miglior film Festival di Gallio 2014
Premio al miglior film Festival del Cinema Italiano Villerupt (Francia) 2014
Premio della giuria e del pubblico al miglior film Festival di Asti 2014
Premio Cinema Giovane 2014
Nomination al miglior soggetto Nastri d’Argento 2014
Nomination alla migliore colonna sonora Nastri d’Argento 2014
Premio Nazionale Città di Cherasco “Talenti Emergenti” 2014 ad Alessandro Rossetto
Premio miglior attrice a Maria Roveran Festival Bimbi Belli di Nanni Moretti 2014
Premio rivelazione dell’anno a Maria Roveran RdC Award 2014
Premio miglior attore a Diego Ribon Festival di Gallio 2014