by Pietro Bagnara/OpenCircle

Image Rolando climbing in Patagonia

The southern “wall” of the Marmolada has left its mark on the life and mountaineering development of Rolando Larcher: this outstanding climber from Trentino got to the top of the southern face when he was just 19 in 1985 and since then he has continued to look for and open up new trails on mountains all over the world.

The last trail opened by Rolando Larcher - with Geremia Vergoni - on this wall is known as Scacciadiavoli and it pushes the free climbing difficultly grade to 8a+/8b. This route is also the occasion for Rolando to take stock of his life as a mountain climber: the way he perceives the mountain is not only made up of grades and difficulties but, first and foremost, of friendships, ethical choices, human values, and beautiful and difficult moments shared with the other mountaineers that he has climbed with.

The film is an original and unexpected portrait of a real Italian mountain climbing legend who has once again chosen the imposing southern wall of the Marmolada to be the stage on which his life plays out.

Director and Producer: Pietro Bagnara/OpenCircle

Shot: Pietro Bagnara

Theatre scenes: Mirko Sotgiu and Pietro Bagnara

Aerial scenes: Ruggero Arena

Sound technician: Mirko Sotgiu

Colour correction: Corrado Measso/Exformat

Sound: Carlo Missidenti

Duration: 20-22 mins (prov.)