Running for the essentials


Sabrina, Antonio e Michele, three common people gets excited in front of the residents situation of the region of Ancash, PeruÌ€ and they decide to use their greatest common passion, the mountains running, as instrument for gathering of funds, in one of the most beautiful place in the world, the Cordillera Blanca. Born Ande Trail, charity race with the aim to support some local projects, among the most important is the construction of 5 kindergartens in the shanty town of Chimbote, exposed to the Pacific Ocean. The documentary “Running for the Essential” is the fruit of the Andes Trail project and tells the experience of the participants of the race, the synergy in the organization and the future vision of Father “Ugo de Censi”, parish priest for 40 years, volunteer and founder of “Operation Mato Grosso”.

Director: Alberto Ferretto
Production Assistant: Andrea Bax
Original Music: Federico Pelle, Smider Sound Agency, Chris Zabriskie
Mix Audio: The Basement
Visual Effects:  Andrea Bassan
Color Correction: Stefano Zordan
Editing: Alberto Ferretto

Official Selection Trento Film Festival 2016
Official Selection Verona Mountain Film Festival 2016
Official Selection Sestiere Film Festival 2016


Montura Editing supported "Operazione Mato Grosso" with "Running for the essentials" to raise founds fot OMG charity projects in Southern America