Alessio Gonnella and Domenico Centrone - Fuori Rotta 2016

The condition of the Saharawi people, forced to live in a land divided by two political factions, is a consequence of the European colonial polices which signed the XX century and it undoubtedly has many features in common with different struggles characterising the lives of various people living in Sub-Saharan Africa and in the Middle East.

However, the sufferings experienced by the Saharawis have not, until now, received enough attention by the international community. We feel the urge to narrate the lives of these people and to high-light their struggle, taking it as the chance to enlarge our views and focus on important concepts such as separation, distance, cultural diversity, differences shaped by geographical borders, age and gender.

Last year, in Catalunya, we met a group of Saharawi refugees: some of them have not seen their parents since more than 30 years because of the diaspora caused by the Moroccan occupation. And it was then that our idea took place: we would like to virtually re-unite the refugees living in Spain with their parents living in the occupied territories of Morocco, becoming a sort of postmen, video-message postmen.

We will travel by land and sea the distance between the parents and children, crossing Spain and Morocco and eventually reaching Western Sahara.

Becoming some sort of filmmaker-postmen who deliver video-messages has different objectives other than the most immediate one of connecting far-away relatives: it would be an occasion to observe the actual situation in conflict-zones, as well as to focus on how time and geographical distance affect emotions and relations.

It would be a sort of acceptable excuse to realise a proper video travel diary aiming at comprehending and narrating unknown stories and places, often forgotten by mainstream media.

As Marco Polo said, while dictating his Travel Book to Rustichello da Pisa:

“If all the marvellous things he saw wouldn’t be recorded, it would really be an extreme pity!”

…Wouldn’t it?

Directed by: Alessio Gonnella e Domenico Centrone
Year: 2016
Country: Italy