An effective, on-stage reconstruction of mountaineering and the extreme conditions that can occur on the rock face, pushing survival to the limits: a challenge within a challenge, tackled and brilliantly overcome in this show that walks along a dual edge throughout, illustrating the encounter between two actors/friends and the true story of Joe Simpson and Simon Yates, which inspired them and is told in one of the world’s most widely read books on mountaineering. 
“This is the story of an ambitious dream: to be the first in the world to climb Siula Grande from the west wall. But it’s also the story of a friendship, and of the rope that during such a tremendous undertaking bound the two together, with each putting their life in the hands of the other. As is always the case in the mountains”.

A peak to be reached, the gruelling effort to conquer the Peruvian peak and the joy of a successful endeavour. When the worst is over, and they’re on the way down, life steps in and trips the pair up; death beckons. A terrible accident at altitude, and it’s all hanging by a thread once more; the challenge now is to get down the mountain alive. And finally, just as everything seems to have turned out for the best, comes a second, fatal blow struck by fate, one that only a miracle can resolve. A miracle, or an extreme act. Or both, together.

(S)Legati per sempre is an adventure beyond the limits of Man, able to keep spectators glued to their seats as they experience the dramatic events of the climbers’ ordeal, as their heads spin hanging from a rope way up there in the sky, as they shudder at the lethal freeze of nights spent at altitude. At the same time, the play’s two characters also bring to life a powerful metaphor of human bonds, represented by the rope: it is often when a relationship is stretched to its very limit that the truth takes shape, forcing us into a tight spot where we’re compelled to “make a break”, forced into what appears a tremendously violent action and yet is sometimes the only move that can save both lives.

AN ADAPTATION OF: “Touching the Void” by Joe Simpson
BY AND WITH: Mattia Fabris and Jacopo Bicocchi