An angle on Trentino far removed from its fairy-tale image. Behind the picture-postcard scenery, the stark black and white newsprint photos. Lurking in the shadows amid the ski runs, the fairy-tale woodlands, the lakes and the reddish peaks of the Dolomites, is all the violence and disquiet of an age that covers the (few) victors in glory and yet often refuses even to acknowledge the existence of the vanquished. 
This ensemble work, an adaptation of the novel by Giacomo Sartori, brings together a number of true stories in order to illustrate the gloomier side of the area and tell the story of a generation marred by financial and relationship difficulties. The work intertwines the stories of seven young people in a secondary valley in Trentino, during a strange, dismal winter marked by rain and damp, but not by snow. Diego, Katia, Frank, Roberto, Anna, Marta and Aldo are played by young actors selected during a campaign of screen tests conducted throughout the region.

Among them is the idealistic park ranger Diego, whose aim is to break up a band of poachers, while his recently married wife Katia is caught up in a forbidden passion for the attractive, brooding blond that lurks in wait for her at the bar. Then there’s Marta, hard at work trying to make something of the failing trout farm inherited from her alcoholic father. And hanging ever-present in the air is the memory of Andrea, who met his death in a flippant attempt to cross a swelling mountain stream in a landrover that had seen better days. Everything is violent here: the friendship, the jealousy, the sex and the tormented yearning for a happier future.
Valeria Ciangottini and Pietro Biondi, who play the uncle and aunt, are exceptional role models and stage companions for the amateur actors who play the parts of the young people in “Sacrificio”.

DIRECTED BY: Elena Galvani, Jacopo Laurino
FROM THE NOVEL BY: Giacomo Sartori
WITH: Valeria Ciangottini, Pietro Biondi
COMPANY: Stradanova
MUSIC: original music for clarinet solo composed by Marco Longo and played live by Lorenzo Laurino
SUPERVISED BY: Giulia Lazzarini