They’re the other side of pure action. They’ve always been.
Words, images, plots: how often have they told you a story of travels, of explorations, of lands near or far, gentle landscapes or extreme environments, challenges to Nature or to our own limits?
And how often have they inspired action, spurred the spirit, stirred the curiosity and boosted the courage of those who have taken on adventures large or small? Those who have made a difference? Those who have envisaged new paths and then set out along them, uncharted territories and then risen to the challenge they pose?
The pages of a book can take you all around the world. A film can take you off on an adventure. As you look up at a stage, you become one of the actors, and there’s always something to discover, inside yourself or distant from you. 
Narration, poetry or introspection: these are often the first steps towards a new path in life.
Editing is the name of the live, vibrant expressive workshop organised by Montura, open to madmen and visionaries, poets and adventurers, explorers, athletes, philosophers, the wise and the creative, “mountain folk” inside and out.

Searching a new way: books, cinema, theatre. Open up your mind, open up new pathways.