The faces of the volunteers immortalized by photographers Lira, Panfili and Vertamy


Between 11 and 21 December 2013, the world’s finest university athletes (hosted at 6 different locations in Italy’s Trentino region) took on the challenges of 15 different disciplines. There is a silent and passion-filled armada to be found behind the triumph of the 2013 Winter Universiade: its volunteers. The priceless “free” contribution offered to the event did not go unnoticed by the event’s Premium Sponsor, Wildnis. This brand, alongside Montura, has decided to pay homage to them – in an original and special way – by immortalizing their faces, presence and hard work in a book of photographs called “Volunteers”.

The hidden faces of the 10 days that shook up but totally involved the entire region will be illustrated through the faces of the staff in the book they inspired created by the three photographers Daniele Lira, Graziano Panfili and Peo Vertamy who followed the “festival” up close and savoured its spirit, emotions and energy. They crystallized the magmatic combination of events, races and appointments into a photographic service featuring 100 snapshots of staff members at work.

The idea was to represent the local and most noble soul of human presence at the athletic venues. Faces combined with significant images of some of the event’s happenings interpreted in an artistic manner. The authors explain, “The faces of the volunteers represented by a classic portrait style combined with the photo coverage of sporting events in a more photo-reporter style resulted in a sunny vision that is able to convey the sense of light heartedness and energy of a sporting event that is youthful and carefree by definition”.

The book’s post-production stage will be personally supervised by the photographers. The collection will hit bookstores under the hallmark of Montura Editing, the expressive and editorial laboratory which has been promoting and sponsoring cultural projects for years. Projects that reflect the brand’s values and land of origin, the Trentino region, that are often connected to charitable programmes.