April 13 comes in all bookshops the new publication by Marsilio in collaboration with Montura Editing


Friday, April 17 - Auditorium Marano Vicentino

After the national premiere in Rome April 14, begins from Alpstation of Schio the presentation tour of the new book by Andrea Segre, to finish at the Trento Film Festival in Montagna Libri.

First date Friday, April 17, at 21 at the Auditorium of Marano, with pre-evening at 19 in Alpstation Schio, bookshop space.

April 23 comes in all bookshops the book FuoriRotta -  Diari di Viaggio by the director Andrea Segre. Ten years of traveling around the Fortress Europe and in the heart of its region of origin, the Veneto. From Vlora toDakar, from Pristina to Accra, from Sarajevo to Ouagadougou, from Tataouine to Baghdad, the diaries bring the reader to know and reflect on the worlds just outside the Schengen area where the director has traveled to get to know the stories and the origins of migrants who are often the protagonists of his films.

The presentation tour of Diari di Viaggio by Andrea Segre will cross 20 stages in 4 weeks, touching known cinema, bookshops, cultural associations particularly active in their territory and other cultural relief. The start of the tour will take place on 17 April 2015, with a double date at Alpstation Montura Schio (VI) and at the Auditorium of Marano Vicentino (VI). The decision to launch this journey through the Italian regions in close collaboration with Montura stems from the partnership established with the well-known technical sportswear company as part of the wider project FuoriRotta. The tour will then continue through the Veneto, Piemonte, Valle d'Aosta, Lombardia, Trentino Alto Adige and Friuli Venezia Giulia, to finish on May 8, 2015, again at the side of the main partner of FuoriRotta, Montura, at the Trento Film Festival.

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