The travels story of a tree | Preview at the Festival dei Popoli


ALBERI CHE CAMMINANO will have the world premiere in the 55th edition of the Festival dei Popoli in Firenze (2 December, 20.30, Space Alfieri, Section Panorama). The italian production (OH! PEN Italy) tells the travels story of a tree. Writed by Erri De Luca and directed by Mattia Colombo, the film meets landscapes of Italy in search of the second life of the trees. Next meeting at Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival - International Competition (11-15 December). The documentary will be released to the general public by La Feltrinelli (at the beginning of 2015).

Montura research is always attentive to the deep relationship between human beings and nature, to the new ways that are established in this delicate relationship of which the beginning and the end are not known. Supporting and accompanying the making of the film, the brand Montura concretely reiterates its support for the Italian film productions that stand up on the international scene for quality and content, enhancing the concept and cultural objectives of the company, over the years become a symbol of style and research in the areas of its competence. Searching a new way.