Carceri d’invenzione

Armin Linke in collaboration with Giulia Bruno and Giuseppe Ielasi

Curated by Anselm Franke

Image Palm oil plantation, Kecematan Bataian Kabupaten Rokan Hilir (Sumatra) Indonesia, 2016 © Armin Linke

The XXII Triennale di Milano focuses on the endangered environment and the Anthropocene. The project "Broken Nature" investigates the bonds which connect human beings to the natural environment, which have been compromised over the years, if not completely destroyed. 

The installation "Carceri d’Invenzione" borrows its title from the famous etchings by Giovanni Battista Piranesi from 1750, whose architecture and massive structures embody manifold contradictions and reflect irrational entanglements. Based on extensive fieldwork, in this collaborative work Armin Linke, Giulia Bruno, and Giuseppe Ielasi examine the relationship between resource exploitation and planetary ecosystems, political institutions and scientific infrastructures; and produce a visual analysis of the conflicted spaces of climate change.

For this exhibition, Studio Armin Linke has been supported by the project partners Fundació Sorigué (Lleida, Spain), Fondazione Matera-Basilicata 2019, TBA21–Academy, and Montura/Tasci Srl.

Commissioned by Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW), Berlin.
HKW is a division of Kulturveranstaltungen des Bundes in Berlin GmbH.

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Carceri d'Invenzione, Armin Linke with Giulia Bruno and Giuseppe Ielasi. Installation excerpt. from Armin Linke on Vimeo.