Laboratory of documentary filmmaking: it continues the collaboration between director Andrea Segre and Montura


September 11, 2014, Milan.

Yesterday in Milan was presented the result of the workshop included in the annual cycle CINEMA NEL REALE, organized by "OffiCine - fare cinema", cultural and educational project born from the collaboration between Anteo Spazio Cinema and Istituto Europeo di Design.

Andrea Segre was the artistic director of the workshop this year, together with the photographer and assistant director Simone Falso, both protagonists of the film LA PRIMA NEVE, film production that has strengthened the collaboration between the venetian director and Montura Editing after success of IO SONO LI.

Topic of the workshop started March 18 and ended officially yesterday in Milan with the presentation of the documentary film EX/OUT was the contemporary crisis investigated by the unusual point of view of economic power and of those who produce wealth, in a Milan "where business and finance, fashion and advertising have their place of birth "but at the same time transform the work spaces in no-places within which old and new levers of finance play their existence and survival. Not only of them, but of the entire contemporary society. Everything investigated with the eye of 10 aspiring filmmakers.

«A real laboratory that aims to provide specific skills and develop a personal approach in aspiring filmmaker, through integrated modules that deal with the entire chain of production of a documentary film: from conception to writing, from shooting to editing , until the realization of a documentary».

Montura has supported this important project that now everyone is waiting to see at festivals and at Italian movie theaters.

More details on the websites: Istituto Europeo di Design, OffiCine.

Photo by side © Marie-Claire | project partner.