Let’s do our part to help the reconstruction of Arte Sella

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The weather conditions in Italy over the past few weeks have resulted in death and destruction. The communities affected are in our thoughts and prayers and we hope they will recover as soon as possible. Montura is committed to doing its part to help. Arte Sella, the artistic park located in the south-eastern part of the Trentino Region has been seriously damaged by the water and wind and needs help from all of us to get back on its feet. You can make the difference by offering your contribution at: 

Bank Account at the Cassa Rurale Valsugana e Tesino
In the name of the Associazione Sostenitori di Arte Sella (Arte Sella Support Association)
IBAN IT36W0810234401000041050846

The large-format calendar with breathtaking photos of the Artesella art park taken by Giacomo Bianchi during the different seasons of the year will be back in Montura stores in 2019. The Montura Trail will be open again by next spring. It’s a great way to become familiar with Val di Sella on foot so as to avoid using your car from the parking lot in the lower part of the valley (Hotel Legno) to the Malga Costa area where the entrance to the park is located.