Travel, the force within and strong by Montura Editing

Image Montura support Oriente Occidente on INTERNAZIONALE
Image Max Calderan during desert race
Image Max Calderan the Desert Explorer
Image Fausto de Stefani during charity activities in Nepal
Image Rarahil school in Nepal
Image Images from Resina Movie
Image Images from Resina Movie

Montura is at the dance festival Oriente Occidente with three events about travel, the force within and strong emotions.

Sept 6th - 18:00 - Max Calderan - Desert running for the peace

Max Calderan is the king of the desert. At forty he has already crossed the most insidious and impracticable deserts of the world, surviving in extreme conditions. Without medical assistance and in complete loneliness, carrying a backpack with only the strictly necessary, this explorer has overcome every known limit, beginning with the first one that every day prevents us from being truly free: fear, the belief that we cannot do it, that we are powerless.The Force Within is much more than the testimony of a man who crosses deserts, pushing his body beyond its limits. It is a journey into our consciousness and our faith, through our conditionings and daily enslavements, searching for our inner strength.Because each of us, each day of our life, has his destiny to face.

Sept 8th - 18:00 - Fausto De Stefani and Giuseppe Cederna - The hidden soul of travelling

Fausto De Stefani and Giuseppe Cederna: two special travellers. A round of the globe with images and stories: from India to Nepal, from mountains and villages on Himalaya to the tormented Mediterranean coasts. The world is here. Departures and returns. Encouters, surprises and illuminations on the way: tavelling can change us and trasform itself in a "right thing".

Sept 10th - 18:00 - Renzo Carbonera - Resina: film presentation with the director

Male choir and female director. A family and a small community need bindings, in order to face the challenges of future. Young cellist Maria is disappointed by ruthless music industry. She gets back to the village in the Alps where she was born, a small and isolated community where an ancient language is still spoken: Cimbric. There she finds a sick mother, a death brother after a fatal incident with his tractor, a mourning sister in law facing a financial crisis, and a small community struggling with the first effects of climate change. Almost by chance, or maybe because it’s impossible to not meet at the only one bar at the village “piazza”, Maria gets in touch wit the famous local male choir. Her grandpa used to be part of it, but now not much remains from past glory: just a bunch of weird drunkards. Quirino is the only one who still fights for the choir’s survival, as he dreams of a singing contest, which may let them rise again. In order to do this, he asks Maria for help. She accepts the challenge, as she wants to find a new way to music again. A kaleidoscope of characters brings irony and rhythm to the tale of this small world, shook by the bugbear of climate change, and by the determination of a young woman.

About Oriente Occidente

Oriente Occidente was born in 1981 in Rovereto, a city in Trentino Alto Adige region in Italy open wide to the taste of modern, of cultural research and of new tendencies. This Festival is indeed a research centre where East and West are intended as poles of an ideal route of exchanges and cross-roads not only between cultures but also between genres and languages of the contemporary scene.

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