The new cultural hub in the West Alps


A gigantic stone found at the mouth of the Aosta Valley, originally a fortified complex in the 19th century, is today, after an extraordinary development project, a cultural tourism hub with international appeal. Following on from the restoration works, Fort Bard is a museum and exhibition space that offers temporary art and photography exhibitions, as well as educational and museum tours on the Alps and on the development of defence techniques.

At the Fort, there is also room for big outdoor events during summer, set in the unique location of Piazza d'Armi. The Fort also puts on its own events such as I colloqui del Forte di Bard (Fort Bard Conversations), the historical re-enactment Napoleonica and the Meteolab science event, as well as other sports events, such as Monte Rosa Walser Ultra Trail and Forteight race.

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