“Manuel loves the great outdoors, and has covered a whole maze of roads underfoot. He’s stuck on geography like a lovesick teenager. And he specialises in people: he’s curious. He asks questions, then falls silent and listens to the answers. Mountaineers: what kind of folk are they? The mountaineer is a wayfarer, a traveller. He has all he needs with him, he moves on foot, then forges ahead with his hands. On the way down, his face reveals the journey he’s left behind him. You’d recognise him in an eastern bazar even right in the midst of tourists packed in like sardines. He’s the odd one out. Manuel has met plenty of them, and he’s decided it’s time for an outpouring of his experience. And since he’s a man of few words, the receptacle is little bigger than a postcard”.
Erri de Luca

You’ll find a mixture in the tin. Manuel Lugli’s book features shots of climbing stars, sherpas with weather-worn faces, contestants from American mountaineering reality shows, and all those people, identified by name, that he’s met along the mountain routes.  Portrait after portrait, all lined up there on the shelf, preserved for us to observe and appreciate. The mountain man and woman are a distinctive variety, a speciality with a local flavour, yet a universal appeal.

Author: Manuel Lugli
Edited by: Montura Editing
Introduction: Erri de Luca
“Tibetano” portrait: Hans Kammerlander
Other portraits: Giulio Malfer
Visual Design: Giancarlo Stefanati
Published by: Versante Sud

Year of publication: 2008