Dolomiti – New York City. Amid the pages of this incredible volume, the involuntary, empty rhyming couplet becomes replete with meaning: black and white photographs of the human geometries drafted and drawn by the metropolis to end all metropolises, their transparent background overlapping with the bent, tormented outlines of colourful Nature that paints brushstrokes of the mountains to end all mountains.
Irreverent? A combination of aesthetic brilliant and fertile spirituality, for sure, especially these days in which Man’s technological, urban soul feels increasingly bereft of its ancient, natural, significant other bound to the Earth.

Landscapes, in any event, each of them commented on in the words of Mauro Corona, Mario Rigoni Stern, or Henry Miller or Paul Auster, or others still. Citizens of the metropolis or the mountain, all of them with a profound knowledge of the environmental and anthropological settings they belong to. Because photography allows for a comparison of scenarios light years apart, characterised by cultural and formal contexts that initially appear incapable of engaging with one another. 

Which is more extraordinary: Man’s ability to transform, or the immense splendour of the Universe as it was created?
What emerges here as we observe New York and the Dolomites is not an answer to the question, but a demonstration that what has been shaped by the hand of Nature and the hand of Man cannot but be bound tightly and inextricably together. Man is Nature. What is original about this book is not only the technique used to overlap the urban skyline with the mountain peaks, but the reminder that both aspects of the Earth spring from the same origin.

Edited by: Franco Battistotti, Anna Maria Gelmi, Claudio Nicolodi, Luisella Savorelli Gorza
Works: Anna Maria Gelmi
Photos: Luisella Savorelli Gorza
With the contribution of: Valentina Gadotti, Cristina Eberhard, Marisa Zanzotto
Graphic Project: Studio ZERO UNO Rossovino – Trento
Published by: AlcioneEdizioni / Montura Editing

Year of publication: 2010