A fearsome, but not lethal, natural disaster. The landslide that on 15 August 2010 swept away Campolongo, a little village in the municipality of Baselga di Pinè, in the province of Trento was violent enough to cause significant material damage, but fortunately no-one was killed or injured. Ninety thousand cubic metres of mud, stones and tree trunks swept away nineteen homes, forcing eighty-seven people to flee. It took six working days, thirty lorries and the contribution of eight hundred volunteers to reclaim the whole area.
A “minor” calamity, but one that should not be forgotten. As can be seen in the photos in this book, which show the marks left behind by a destructive force that can only be unleashed by nature (neither good nor evil), able to strike people’s lives, awakening fear and bewilderment. The shots featured here immortalise places, faces, the emotions of those days; disorientation and despair alongside the energy set in motion by the solidarity that gradually allowed the locals to return to their normal, everyday life.
Featured together with the pictures are the accounts of those directly involved in the harrowing experience, those who were affected and those who pitched in to lend a hand. These experiences and recollections are thus expressed in the words of those who were there to witness – to their chagrin – such a dramatic event.
“As a geologist who had worked in the area, the first thing I felt was a sense of impotence, of new-found humility… occasionally we tend not to realise… the extent to which… we are parasites on the skin of the planet”. (Icillo Vigna)

EDITED BY: Daniele Lira
PHOTOS: Daniele Lira
INTERVIEWS: Maddalena Di Tolla Deflorian
COORDINATED BY: Municipal Library of Baselega di Pinè
GRAPHIC PROJECT: Studio Pigliacellu
PUBLISHED BY: Montura Editing