An unusual mountain, by Trentino’s “picture postcard” standards. Bare, rugged, rocky, cleft, barren, almost hostile; with forbidding crevices, cavities, ravines and jagged edges whose peculiar appeal not everyone is able to grasp. Rocks shaped by the elements, more ancient even than the trees, rocks that bear witness to the history of man and nature. The grey here is magmatic, yet those with the patience to stop and look closer will find areas rich in colour, with a range of hidden nuances. It is these that can be found in this photo book, the brainchild of Giovanni Marzari, to whom the idea came during a “landscape study” of Monte Zugna. This volume is intended to pay homage to the mountain and to those who over the years have invested passion in capturing and drawing inspiration from its spirit.

Edited by: Giovanni Marzari, Giulio Malfer
Photographs: Giulio Malfer
Graphics: Giancarlo Stefanati
Published by: Nicolodi Editore
Montura Editing

Year of publication: 2005