Val Pusteria, a place where countries, cultures, peoples meet. Limes, a border between the earth and the sky, just like other mountain locations. The guardian of stories that have settled into the rock, constructing and crowning its identity. The Heimat: more than a native land; a cauldron bubbling with traditions, families, circumstances, customs, a thick blend of elements in which languages, habits, ways of life merge, and sometimes collide.

A landscape so generous as to appear heavenly, shifting in a moment to a forbidding, wild, hostile terrain. A place where, for hundreds, thousands of years, man has had not only to battle against the snow, but prevail over injustices and diffidence.

A people who have forgotten their history and no longer know where they come from, able to face the present with serenity, yet closing the door to the future. Thus, today as in the past, it is up to the schützen of Gais, who wrote this book, not only to safeguard the present, but above all to preserve the heritage of generations to come. This is why this book, featuring 200 years of the history of the South Tyrol told in words and pictures, is a way to guarantee the safekeeping of numerous, priceless little memories that deserve to be protected from oblivion.

Edited by: Schützen Regiment of Gais
Photos: Schützenkompanie Gais
Published by: Effekt!
Montura Editing

Year of publication: 2010