LA MONTAGNA PRESA IN GIRO (Making Fun of the Mountains)

A fresh and relevant book which could almost have been written in the present day


Giuseppe Mazzotti’s work, first published by L’Eroica di Milano when the writer was not much more than twenty years old, is a cornerstone of Alpine literature. With its brief, incisive texts, embellished by Canciàn’s illustrations, this is an enjoyable and entertaining read. This new edition is authorised by the Mazzotti Foundation and is part of Montura’s collaboration with the “Gambrinus” Giuseppe Mazzotti literary prize, one of Italy’s most prestigious awards, for which Montura is one of the sponsors, with a particular focus on the Juniores section. In the foreword, Mauro Corona writes that “it should be acknowledged that this is a timeless and historic text, rich in humour and wit, sharp observation and useful lessons. A book that will stay with us, as Montura’s reprint proves. Today many more people enjoy the mountains than in the past. And there has certainly been no improvement in our way of ‘using’ them; indeed, I’d say it has worsened. We should be sending mountain guides, artisans, woodcutters and Alpine farmers into primary schools; so that children could learn to love and respect the mountains and enjoy them safely, taking pleasure in their fruits. But there’s another, quicker way to achieve the same thing, particularly for adults who no longer go to school. Read Bepi Mazzotti’s book, and avoid the situations he pokes fun at. Purely to avoid appearing ridiculous. Because in these pages, it’s not the mountains that are made fun of, but rather the people that frequent them”.

TITLE: La montagna presa in giro
TEXT: Giuseppe Mazzotti and Mauro Corona
PUBLISHER: Montura Editing (with the permission of the Mazzotti Foundation)