Mountaineering and the mountaineer. The driving force, sometimes bordering on selfishness, behind the desire to take on the mountain. A love affair gone wrong, another that rises up from the ashes of existence.
All this and more is what happens to Roby, the anti-hero of this novel, sprinkled with a dash of mystery, during his personal journey towards revelation, a path that opens up and comes to a halt on the edge of a murder in the mountains. In the wrong place at the wrong time, Roby becomes the key figure in a tale of travels and wanderings in pursuit of a rare treasure: the meaning of life, and above all of our daily actions and choices. As the character reveals to a wise Indian woman: “Shuna, I know the mountains, I know some of the world’s most forbidding rock faces, yet what seems so odd is that I do not know myself.…”.

Exploring the mountains always means setting out in search of something – something that perhaps we can only ever find within ourselves, by taking a step further, by learning how to take apart and re-assemble the ego shaped by a society that “[...] needs people to be tough, devoid of compassion, people always ready to belittle others. Your constant tendency to judge is nothing other than an attempt to belittle anyone other than yourself… you judge a man’s whole life when you know nothing of his history  [...]”.
Roby thus attempts to evolve from a mere simian approach to existence towards understanding the circular nature of things. What goes around comes around: if you sow pain, it is pain you will reap; if you sow hate, it is hate you will reap; if you sow love, it is love you will receive in return. Life is like one giant boomerang.
“If there is joy in your step, you cannot take the wrong turning. And you’ll find the road is beautiful, the road is abloom with flowers.”

Published by: Montura Editing
Year of publication: 2009
Photos: Nicola Cozzio, Giulio Malfer, Nicolò Berzi