Franz Nicolini, the enchainment man. 7 peaks in 12 hours; the 82 four-thousanders in the Alps in just 60 days. Lightness, speed and freedom are the most important aspects of the equipment he takes with him into the mountains.
In this book, several-times Italian ski mountaineering and mountaineering champion Nicolini offers a personal account of the enchainments embarked upon over the years, projects conceived and subsequently planned by consulting the host of specialised books in his collection before being prepared through the painstaking, detailed physical and mental training required to climb quickly and forge ahead safely.

This is the story of a dream nurtured from boyhood, dotted with figures including instructors, advisors and good friends such as Mirco Mezzanotte, Diego Giovannini, Felice Spellini. Years of “minor” enchainments between Lagorai and the Brenta Dolomites, as well as expeditions towards the Pamir Mountains and the Himalayas, elevating to the realm of art the custom of climbing one peak after another on the one route.

As Rosario Fichera writes in the introduction: “Through the account of his enchainments, Franz takes the reader on a voyage of discovery through this dimension, where linking up immense, wild horizons helps reveal the incredible resources our bodies and minds are equipped with. And above all, we are given the opportunity to experience the rich beauty of the mountains with impressive intensity”.
The volume is enriched with pictures, information files and maps, which join together with the words to vividly illustrate these uncommon adventures. 

Author: Franz Nicolini
Published by: VivaldaEditori, Arti Grafiche Saturnia in collaboration with Montura
Texts: Rosario Fichera
Graphic project: Mauro Bressan – GrafArt, Trento

Year of publication: 2009