Hands in action, hands that bear the signs of action. Hands at prayer: in some places, prayer remains sacred, an action made with the whole body, through gestures. Hands that touch and clasp: hands soiled by life. Hands that touch and clasp in the original, time-honoured gesture of recognition towards another. Hands worn by time and the elements. Little hands reaching out to larger hands. It may be a coincidence, but all of these hands have been pictured in Asia and Africa, far from our Western world, where our hands now do little more than tap away on a keyboard.
Over the years, the eye of the heart and the sensitivity of a traveller like Fausto De Stefani have crafted the photographs guarded within these pages. Hands that carry, offer, milk, spin, etch the rock face and carve out the pace of actions bound up with the earth, with survival, with hope. Only a mountaineer could have discovered and described them, only a person whose hands still really matter.

"It is our eyes and hands that speak volumes, before the words on our tongue. This is why I stop off on my travels to take others’ hands in mine – to give and to receive a greeting, to offer and receive a welcome, to add an emotional dimension to a budding relationship opening out towards friendship". (Fausto De Stefani)

Author: Fausto De Stefani
Photos: Fausto De Stefani
Published by: Montura Editing

Year of publication: 2010


Montura Editing published MANI - HANDS to support Fausto de Stefani and the Rarahil Memorial School project