A story. A fabric. A journey.


This thing is a story. A fabric. A journey towards the Atlantic Ocean sharpening knives along the way with a motorbike as a travel companion. This is the tale of a knife grinder and you can really taste the dust. A quest as the road unfolds step by step right in front of you. A journey that needs to be told and to occupy our distraction - fully aware of the fact that a revolution, any kind of revolution, is an act of violence.

The journey requires the surpassing of prejudices and small-mindedness. Bearer of civilization and democracy, a reflection on its meaning is now of crucial importance. FuoriRotta is a project of cultural action on the right to travel that is made through an offer of financing for young travellers who have decided to shift their gaze towards new horizons.

Martino Viviani is a seeker. He travels the landscape on his motorbike Meccanica looking for stories he can identify with: he does a little statistic, he measures them and takes their pictures in the attempt to give them shape, material. A new element is added to the work of this Italian temporary public school teacher: the certainty that storytelling sparks our imagination and it is that recreational part of our mind which moulds our reality. Viviani was born in 1986 and lives in Bologna, Italy.