A year with the readers of Internazionale


Just like when you're on a journey, and you meet people with whom you share values and interests, a similar outlook on the world, an enthusiasm for creating new opportunities. This is what happened when MONTURA's path became entwined with INTERNAZIONALE magazine, which turned out to be the perfect partner to tell the world about everything the firm is accomplishing or helping to accomplish. 
Because with this book, which tracks a year of the “MONTURA SUPPORTS” campaign in INTERNAZIONALE, we hope to spread the word about the firm's activities and social commitment. The MONTURA brand has actually been known and respected for years by many people for the quality of its products, the advanced technical properties of its materials and the originality of its style, which has contributed to a revolution in dressing for the mountains and practising outdoor sports. But MONTURA is more than this…

Montura: much more than you think

By buying a MONTURA garment, the customer becomes the primary supporter of a multitude of initiatives, including humanitarian projects in Italy and abroad: in Nepal, Mongolia and Peru, to mention the largest. MONTURA EDITING, a creative workshop and “publishing house”, supports or directly produces works of literature and film, contributing to the success of artists, meaningful places and cultural events such as fairs, art exhibitions and music festivals. MONTURA encourages the spread of sports activities, from climbing to sailing, skiing to cycling. But this goes beyond elite and competitive sports: there is also funding for youth teams, disabled athletes, lesser-known sports and families experiencing economic hardship.
By choosing MONTURA, customers are ultimately favouring an original way of doing business and telling the world about it. By leafing through a book, watching a film, following a campaign in Internazionale magazine and projects on or on the social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube), each customer can gain a better understanding of everything the firm is involved in. 
Get into the MONTURA world and connect with the spirit of “searching a new way”…